Gearing Up M2 Exit Course

Course Highlights

iStock_000021701635_LargeThis Ministry of Transportation (MTO) and Canadian Safety Council (CSC) recognized course is designed for the experienced riders preparing to upgrade to a permanent M license.  This course will provide both theory and practical training. You will learn advanced defensive driving techniques, refresh your low & high speed skills, learn vehicle control all while performing in a real traffic situation (you will ride on commercial, residential and expressway traffic).  As a result of successfully completing this course (M road test included) you will be eligible to upgrade your license to a M license, and may receive reduced insurance rates (check with your insurance provider).  Note: Successful participants will need to present paperwork to your local DriveTest Centre (within 6 months) to physically upgrade your license from the M2 to the M.


Students must hold a valid M2 license (no limited licenses accepted) for at least 18 months (if previously taken a MTO approved training course); or who has not completed an MTO approved course but has held a valid M2 license for at least 22 months.  Riders must provide a road worthy motorcycle (capable of highway speeds, 100 km/hr), as well as the ownership and insurance paperwork on the first night.  Students should arrive with a DOT approved helmet and appropriate clothing, i.e. jeans, jacket (leather or ballistic nylon is best), gloves and heavy footwear (leather boots covering your ankle – no sandals or running shoes). This training will take place rain or shine, so rainwear is a good idea to have – just in case.  All participants will be required to sign a waiver of claim prior (or first night) to taking the course. If you have physical risks that limit you, or you are not comfortable signing this waiver we can not allow you to continue with the courses and no refund will be issued.

What you will Learn:

  • Learn defensive driving techniques
  • Refresh your low speed skills
  • Learn vehicle control
  • Practice emergency measures
  • Perform in traffic situations
  • Practice high speed pattern riding
  • Ride using advanced riding procedures


1 weekend, Friday evening 6:00-10:30 pm, Saturday 7-12 or 1-6 pm, Sunday available between 7-5 pm for a 1 hr road test. Courses run from April 29 to September 30, 2016

Weekend Courses for 2017

  • April 28-30 (full)
  • May 12-14 (full)
  • June 16-18 (full)
  • July 14-16 (full)
  • August 11-13 (Full)
  • September 8-10, 29-1


All courses are held in the Pioneer Building at Loyalist College (284 Wallbridge-Loyalist Road, Belleville ON) and surrounding parking lots.

Fees & Cancellation Policy

$435.00 + applicable taxes (subject to increase without notice). Refund requests will be accepted only until 2 weeks prior to your scheduled course starting date. All refunds are subject to a $55 cancellation fee.

How to Register

For additional information, or to register, please contact Tiffeny Dyck at or at 613-969-1913 ext 2294.